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The Next Generation in
RC Model Boats

Show me to the Lake It's Time to Race!

Thank you!
for your purchase of the NexGen (E-PL-1)P Limited Hydro  &  (E-P-1) P Hydro Kit

Richard Grenier - Ready - to - Run  P Limited Hydro 
Mike Hughes - P Limited Hydro Kit  w/Hardware

Eric Bourlet - P Limited Hydro Kit w/Hardware
Henry Oord- 2 P Limited Hydro Kits w/Hardware
Mike Ball - P Hydro Kit w/Hardware
Shawn Junker - P Limited Hydro Kit
Tyler Garrard - P hydro Kit and Hardware

Oscar Love - P Limited Hydro Kit w/Hardware
Ronald Goetter -  P Limited Hydro Kit and accessories
Larry Gempp Jr. P Hydro and accessories
Jeff Seaberg CO Terry Mun P Hydro Kit w/Hardware and  accessories


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